shut gun boom mikrofonlar kiralama

Sennheiser MKH 416 Boom Mikrofonu Kiralama  / MKH416 Shotgun Microphones Rental in Turkey

  • Hypercardioid at low and medium frequency, above 2kHz approaches lobar pattern
  • Very low inherent self-noise
  • High sensitivity
  • Transformerless and fully floating balanced output
  • Rugged, suitable for adverse climatic conditions
  • Matt black all-metal body
  • Increased directivity
  • Optimum S/N ratio
  • Lower gain on input channels required
  • Lowest noise and greatest signal stability
  • Highly immune to humidity in all conditions. Extremely stable.
  • Visually "low key"

The MKH 416 transformerless, RF condenser is designed as a combination of pressure gradient and interference tube microphones. Very good feedback rejection, low proximity effect, 130 dB/SPL. Rugged and resistant to changing climate conditions. Ideal for boom, fishpole, and camera mounting.

Günlük Sennheiser MKH416 Shotgun Mikrofon kiralama   /   Daily Boom  Microphone Rental in Turkey 35€ +TAX

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