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Fixer in Turkey


We are based in central Istanbul  specialised in documentary and corporate video productions all over Turkey. Our facilities include pre-production, production and post-production work under one roof. We also have our own equipment, crew located in our own premises. Besides local productions we are especially working with producers from abroad mostly from the U.S. and Europe. Our services include:

Project development.


Location scouting all over Turkey.

Arranging shooting permissions for all private and  State locations in Turkey.  We posses a special producers certificate granted by the Ministry of Culture since 1994.


Board of advisors from academics, journalists, etc.

Equipment rental for film and video.

Editing facilities.  New facility in house Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve.

Crew transportation and lodging arrangements.

Professionel crew of lighting cameramen, directors, sound operators, production assistants & stills photographers.

NEW addition; Drone operation in Istanbul and Turkey.




Information about Turkish line producer and fixer Akif Ergulec and his experience regarding filmmaking in Turkey.


CONTACT : AKIF ERGULEC  GSM: +90 551 980 3095 EMAIL: akif@alfavizyon.com

Filming Permission


Dear Colleague

Please read the instructions below carefully as you will be required to adhere to these in order to obtain your filming permit

Please be aware that you may need several permissions depending on your specific request:

1. Permission from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism for filming in public areas.

2. Permission from local directorates where you film museums and historical sites if applicable.

All questions must be completed in full and not answered “to be confirmed”. Also please ensure your answers are clear and contain all relevant details pertaining to the question.


Filming permissions and filming visa for your crew:

“Please allow up to 10 working days from the date of application to obtain filming permissions and filming visas. Please note that there are various documents required for the application process for the crew so please also allow time prior to the application for this end.

We recommend that you apply to stay for a longer period than your filming dates as once the permissions and filming visas have been issued for those dates you are not permitted to extend these dates whilst you are in Turkey.



You a required to have fixer in Turkey and we recommend they are a native speaker of Turkish in order to facilitate communication with the Turkish Authorities and locals. Your fixer’s name and address should be included when answering question 16.

You do need to include in your application any National Parks, Museums or Historical sites that you wish to film as additional permissions will need to be obtained for these locations. Please note that you will be charged for filming in museums and historical places or National Parks according to the time you will be working in these places.

It is important to include the town or the city in which you intend to do filming e.g. Marmaris, Bodrum, Oludeniz etc.

Please mention all proposed locations even if you do not end up actually filming there when you are in Turkey.



You do not need to mention the name of private establishments such as hotels, restaurants, bars, streets etc in your application.



Once you have confirmed all details regarding your project, the head of the film crew must complete and sign the form and send it to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism – Directorate General of Copyrights and cinema – Consulation and Evaluation Section with a copy of his or her passport via the address below. You should also include a petition written in Turkish that is signed and dated.

Full list of crew members details should be listed on a separate sheet of paper and include the following details:

• Full name

• Job titles

• Address

• Telephone number and e-mail address

• Copies of passport for each crew member

General Turkey Permission Form – PDF VERSION

Permission form for Museum and Historical Sites





If you choose to send us via post, you are requested to send a petition (with original signature) asking for permission.

According to the regulations, during the film shooting it is obligatory to have at least one host/guide who is a citizen of the Turkish Republic.

Your host/guide must call us to confirm that we have received the documents.

Your host/guide must ask what documents he/she has to send us about himself/herself.

Then, the permission document will be sent to you or your host/guide via e – mail.

You can apply to the Turkish Consulate in your country to receive information about the visa.

Before shooting the film in Turkey, you should apply to the Governership or the Directorate of Culture and Tourism of the cities where you will shoot the film.




Once they receive filming permission from Turkey, they will fax the permission to you. After receiving the permission, you will then need to apply for filming visas to the Turkish Consulate-General in London for the entire crew. Please note that the Filming Visa is a special class of visa and therefore cannot be issued at the airport as in the case of the normal tourist visas.

We recommend that you prepare your visa application documents while waiting for filming permissions from Turkey. Please also ensure to send a copy of your programme to us at the Turkish Office of Culture and Tourism in the UK once it has been broadcasted, as according to Turkish Law, we are required to keep copies of all programmes for which we arrange filming permissions in our records.


Procedure for obtaining Filming Visas:

Ensure that you send the following documents for each crew member when applying for the filming visa to the Turkish Consulate. You may also apply in person.

1. Original Passport

2. A Passport sized photo

3. Visa application form (can be downloaded from the Consulate’s web site or click on the following links:

(Visa Application Form – PDF FORMAT) There is only one standard form and this is the one you will need to complete.

4. A copy of your filming permission documents (Please do not forget to keep a copy of these permission documents while you are in Turkey as the Consulate will keep the copies you send them for their records)

5. A formal letter from your company explaining the nature of the company and why and where you are going to be filming in Turkey

6. Visa fee must be paid by postal order before you apply to the Consulate to get the filming visa made payable to ‘Turkish Consulate General’.

7. A prepaid (for special delivery) envelope on which you will write your company’s address. (To return passports to you) – or you can ask the Consulate in your letter to keep your passports and call you once your visas are ready such that you may pick up your passports in person.

8. You may either send your filming visa documents by special delivery, courier – or you may apply in person to The Consulate General for the Republic of Turkey.

Obtaining a filming visa from Turkish Consulate may take up to 5 working days.



Resource:The Consulate General for the Republic of Turkey in London:


Fixer and Line Producer in Turkey, Alfavizyon

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