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turkish documentary film production

Experienced  Location Manager, Production Manager and Fixer in Istanbul and Turkey


We are based in central Istanbul  specialised in documentary and corporate video productions all over Turkey. Our facilities include pre-production, production and post-production work under one roof. We also have our own equipment, crew located in our own premises. Besides local productions we are especially working with producers from abroad mostly from the U.S. and Europe. Our services include:

Project development.


Location scouting all over Turkey.

Arranging shooting permissions for all private and  State locations in Turkey.  We posses a special producers certificate granted by the Ministry of Culture since 1994.


Board of advisors from academics, journalists, etc.

Equipment rental for film and video.

Editing facilities.  New facility in house Color Correction with DaVinci Resolve.

Crew transportation and lodging arrangements.

Professionel crew of lighting cameramen, directors, sound operators, production assistants & stills photographers.

NEW addition; Drone operation in Istanbul and Turkey.

We also can arrange camera crew, equipment and transportation and can help

you to get filming permission.

If you are planning to film a documentary or a news programme in Turkey

and would like to know more about filming in Turkey, please don't hesitate

to contact Alfavizyon We will be happy to give you any kind of info you need and

working with you in Turkey.





Information about Turkish line producer and fixer Akif Ergulec and his experience regarding filmmaking in Turkey.


CONTACT : Selma Kücüker Mail: selma@alfavizyon.com

Fixer and Line Producer in Turkey

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We an experienced fixer and working as a fixer, researcher, coordinator, location manager and translator for foreign media in Turkey.Fixer in Turkey: Alfavizyon  Productions. Experienced Turkish Fixers, Location Managers and Production Managers. Based in Istanbul with an excellent network Most people choose to hire a professional 'fixer in Turkey' or 'production company' to handle all the permits

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