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International Film Production Services in Turkey - istanbul


Alfavizyon Film/Video Production Ltd. located in central Istanbul is a one stop production house. From project development to pre-production, production and post-production all process can be handeled under one roof. Alfavizyon also has a rental service of its own HD camera equipment, crew in istanbul, lighting and sound gear, please check our rental page here.


Alfavizyon is documentary and corporate video specialized production house and we have many international clients from Europe and US. producing documentaries in Anatolia. You can see a list of our current clients on this page. Our production services include all pre-production work for the overseas clients, Fixer, Line Producer, location scouting, obtaining shooting permissions, technical crew, transportation and lodging. Please read "Documentary Filming in Turkey" section on our homepage. Международные услуги по добыче фильм в Турции - Стамбул Film Production Services internationaux en Turquie - istanbul




Akif Ergulec         akif@alfavizyon.com           mobile +90 542 314 6332


 Fixer in Turkey

fixateur en Turquie

монтер в Турции

Line Producer in Turkey

παραγωγός γραμμή στην Τουρκία

Herstellungsleitung in der Türkei

producteur exécutif en Turquie

productor en línea en Turquía

line tillverkare i Turkiet

מפיק קו בטורקיה


For all film/video productions of any kind please do not hesitate to contact:

International Clients



Dbw Communication Italy

NHK World Japan

Aljazere International London UK

Blink Production Service London/UK

Cnbc Video Jurnalism London/UK

CréationsDD Paris/France

Subliminal Picture Chigago/USA

Gulliver Media Brisbane/ Australia

AKON Turkey Press Kit USA

Yigal Pesahov Israel

Global Media Services - Associated Press Tv USA

TV Asahi ANN News Japan

Mohammed Abdul Jabar Dubai

Feature Story News Washington DC/USA

Blue Moon Productions Phoenix, Arizona/USA

Tri-Film Productions, Ltd. Kirkland/USA

Comité Français Radio-TV France

Frei Schwimmer Films Germany

Onos Prodcution Greece

Smithwood Productions S.L. Spain

Sinema Production - David Grabias - USA

The Animation Partnership UK

The Production Group USA

Doc-Team Productions Germany


 Turkey Film Crew and Equipment


Unfortunately Istanbul is the only place where all film industry is centered. There are no other place outside Istanbul to hire equipment and professional crew. That means all crew and gear has to travel from Istanbul sometimes making is somehow costly for limited budgeted productions. Alfavizyon has some plans on this to save a lot of money on the travel expences if the filming location is far from Istanbul.


Line Producer in Turkey

Fixer in Turkey

Production Managing in Trukey

Film and Video Crew in Turkey

Budget Preperation

Crewing / Casting Services

Cosultation Service

Location Scouting Service

Producing / Directing

Distribution Services

Equpiment Rental for film / Video

Studio rental in Turkey

Postproduction services

Laboratory services For film / Video

Foreign production team accommodation






  • プレ・プロダクション
  • リサーチとロジスティクスが含まれています:ロケーション・スカウティング、機材レンタル、撮影許可、ビザ、リスクの判断、予算編成、宿泊施設、車のレンタル、など。
  • フィルムプロダクション
  • クルー:ディレクター、プロデューサー、カメラマン、テクニカル・クルー、技術者、ランナー、リサーチャーなど。
  • 多くの言語に流暢なフィクサー
  • 写真家
  • エキストラ
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